Document Destruction for Real Estate Industry

Secure Real Estate Record Shredding Services

People always need homes so people always need real estate agents. If you work in the real estate industry then you understand that even when it’s quiet it’s busy. Mountains of physical paperwork build up that are simply not able to be completed in a digital way. Records and information about properties, buyers and sellers all collect and start to take up a lot of real estate in your office. When you no longer need these documents, you need a safe and secure way to destroy them. You can’t risk simply throwing them out as they can contain confidential personal and financial information about your clients. Casual destruction practises on insufficient equipment just won’t cut it, wasting your valuable time and not doing a good enough job. If you need a reliable and affordable real estate record disposal, you need Vault Document Destruction.

Who Needs Secure Real Estate Record Destruction?

Our services are suitable for a number of different professions involved in real estate. We offer secure and scheduled shredding for:

  • Real estate agents
  • Real estate professionals
  • Property managers
  • Real estate brokers
  • Leasing assistants
  • Building companies
  • Property developers
  • Conveyancers
  • Lawyers
  • Anyone who’s involved in the real estate purchase or rental process

Legal Obligations For Real Estate Agents

The Privacy Act of 1988 means that you’re legally required to store and dispose of private information properly. Documents you’ve collected can contain confidential information about your client’s locations, finances and other sensitive personal matters. Simply storing them on-site is often not a good enough option with many people around having easy access. When you no longer need your records, have them disposed of in a permanent and completely secure way. Have them destroyed by Vault Document Destruction.

What Types of Documents Can Be Destroyed?

  • Administrative documents containing private details (name, address, etc)
  • Contracts
  • Client Financial Statements
  • Banking Details
  • Leases and Rental Agreements
  • Business Financial Statements
  • Blueprints and Floor Plans
  • Tax Filings and Internal Audits
  • Payroll and HR Documents
  • Development Plans and Forecasts
  • Local Council Correspondence

Not just limited to paper and cardboard, our shredding machines are capable of destroying a range of other materials including:

  • Digital Media & Hard drives
  • Mobile phones
  • Uniforms and Clothing
  • Miscellaneous e-waste destruction and recycling

Vault Document Destruction Services Include

  • On-site shredding
  • Off-site shredding
  • Large Volume Document Destructions
  • Archive & Office Clean Outs
  • Confidential Document Bags & Boxes

Document Destruction for Real Estate Professionals

Choose Vault Document Shredding for all your confidential document destruction needs. Our experience and expertise in professional shredding means you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your documents are gone for good. We’re committed to the highest standards and ethical practices in our industry and compliant with all codes of practise. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate of destruction to inform you of everything that was securely destroyed. Don’t wait – contact us today to find out how we can help you or your business.

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