Document Destruction for Lawyers

Document Onsite Shredding for Law Firms

If you work in the legal industry then you understand better than most the importance of keeping private information private. The Privacy Act has been in place for over 30 years, ensuring that there are legal consequences for businesses not handling sensitive material appropriately. When you enter into an agreement with a client, there’s a moral and legal obligation in place. With access to their private information, including personal information, financial information and confidential information, you’re expected to take all the necessary steps to make sure it’s secure. Improper handling of sensitive information can result in significant consequences for both you and your clients. While information about a client becoming public may lead to financial or reputational loss for them, so too can it affect you or your law firm. Losing the trust of your clients can lead to a general distrust of you and your practice, causing you to acquire a reputation as an irresponsible lawyer. All of this can be easily avoided with the assistance of Vault Document Destruction.

Document Destruction Specialists for Law Firms

Document destruction for law and legal offices is an essential requirement and we supply professional, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Instead of letting your old case files and research collect dust in a storage facility somewhere, let Vault destroy them in a secure fashion. Don’t waste your time and money storing information you no longer want or need. When you contact Vault, we’ll organise for a secure Vault locked container to be delivered to your location. Available in multiple sizes, you choose the container that’s most suitable for your workplace. Once you’re ready, we’ll collect the locked container and transport it to our vehicle and for secure on-site shredding. No documents leave the premises that aren’t completely destroyed. You’re able to visually verify this yourself.

What Materials Can Be Destroyed?

  • Administrative documents containing private client information (name, address, etc)
  • Case files
  • Old invoices
  • Criminal evidence
  • Personal records
  • Settlement documents
  • Tax information
  • Banking details
  • Archived documents
  • Digital Media & Hard drives
  • Mobile phones
  • Uniforms and Clothing
  • Miscellaneous e-waste destruction and recycling

Our Services Include

  • On-site shredding
  • Off-site shredding
  • Large Volume Document Destructions
  • Archive & Office Clean Outs
  • Confidential Document Bags & Boxes

Legal Document Shredding with Vault

Choose Vault Document Shredding for all your confidential legal document destruction. Our experience and expertise in document destruction means you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your private documents are gone for good. We’re committed to the highest standards and ethical practices in our industry and compliant with all codes of practise. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate of destruction to inform you of everything that was securely destroyed. Don’t employ the use of casual destruction practices or non-secure archive storage – choose a professional solution. Contact us today to find out how we can help you or your law firm.

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